The deep feeling of joy a woman feels when she carries her baby is indescribable. No one can truly explain this feeling except the woman, gently caressing her baby in an ocean of love flowing from the heart and reaching the deepest part of her soul.

Every woman would do anything to have a child of her own after marriage. Immediately a woman sees her baby in her arms, she forgets the pain of labour and would gladly get pregnant again and again, for the joy of  having a baby erases the pain of labour from her memory.

As beautiful and natural this sounds many married women have not experienced this feeling as they are struggling with infertility issues in their marriages.

Oooooh! What a Pain!!

The rate of infertility in Nigeria is increasing with many homes in sorrow due to this issue. In Vitro fertilization (IVF) i.e the manual fertilization by combining egg and sperm in a laboratory dish and transferring the formed embryo into the woman uterus for the full development and growth of the embryo, is an option which has been successful but is very expensive for the average Nigeria.

What is worse is the current trend of uterine fibroid growth in women. Medical researches have shown that many women have fibroid, however, some show no symptom and poses no danger. Fibroid becomes scary when complications of it growing in the uterus and taking the place of the child poses danger to the uterus and the woman’s reproductive system. Severe cases have resulted in surgery to remove the tumor and some women have experience regrowth of the tumor making it unbearable.

Some extreme fibroid cases would require a Hysterectomy the surgical removal of the woman’s uterus, to save the live and health of the woman. The surgery is most times accompanied by the removal of the ovaries, fallopian tubes and the cervix.

WHAT !!!

Can you imagine this, a woman without Uterus because of fibroid.

That means she cannot be pregnant again.

– She cannot feel and hold a baby in her womb.

– She cannot experience what it means to be in labour.

-She will never feel the deep joy of holding her own baby.

Oooooh! Noooo!! There has to be a Way Out!!!

My search for a natural  solution to help women began when my own mother lost her womb in a Hysterectomy to remove the fibroid tumor in her uterus. The Doctor said there is the possibility of the fibroid growing again if it is surgically removed but since she is no more giving birth, it is best if the uterus is removed to prevent any future growth occurrence.

I was not at home at this time as i work in Lagos and my parents are based in Niger state.  My Dad was sad and scared and so we were the children.

So many thoughts and questions running through out minds.

 What if something went wrong?

 What if there are complications?

What if the surgery was not successful?

 What if this?

What if that?

The questions were endless…

During the surgery section my Dad and siblings were restless and uneasy, anxiously waiting for the outcome of the doctor. The Surgery required blood donation and my younger brother had to donate his blood as he is of the same blood type with my mother, O +. In my office i could not stop thinking and praying along with my family members to have our mother back to us alive and active.

After several hours of the surgery section, my mum was brought out of the surgical theater, i was told my Dad was cold as he saw his wife looking pale and could not speak to anyone as she was induced with anesthesia during the surgery. After several hours she woke up looked at everyone with a very little smile.


We were so happy she was alive and the surgery was successful. Several days later she was good to go home though not strong enough. Today she is back to her feet and active as always. Though the surgery was successful and my mum today is in good health,  you know the other side… my mum’s uterus was removed.

But we are grateful

She has six children 1 girl and 5 boys who are men now. We are all graduates from the university and doing well in our different field.

What if my mum was a woman still looking for a child?

What if she was not yet married?

 The surgery would have destroyed her hope of ever getting pregnant.

Which man would marry a woman who cannot get pregnant?

 Her hope of ever getting pregnant would have been destroyed.

This incident in my life led to my search for a natural remedy for the treatment of infertility and fibroid. I kept searching and making researches for natural remedy and people that have been successful in dealing with fibroid using natural health remedy. I read several articles from different blog seeking for knowledge to help people struggling with infertility and fibroid issues.

Guess what?


I know not every one reading this page would be having infertility  or fibroid related issues but if you are on this blog with such issues, you just landed on a platform designed just for you.

The natural remedy would not require  expensive surgical operations to remove the fibroid tumor which sometimes lead to  the removal of the woman uterus as my mum experienced.

I wish i found this before my mum’s surgery.

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