There are lots of myths  revolving around sexual behavioral pattern and PE is clearly no exception . In this article i shall be debunking some of those myths with an interest in providing some real facts about PE.

Myth 1 # Premature Ejaculation is related to some kind of infection

PE is not a sickness, nor does it indicate the presence of some kind of infectious disease. However it can be diagnosed medically. PE us usually caused by psychological  situations rather than physical or illness. It is usually anxiety and emotional unrest that results in PE. The challenge here is for you to master the act of controlling your emotions before sex. So do not feel you have some kind of disease or infection. Calm down my brother and know that yo can overcome this. It is completely psychological.

Myth 2 # Lasting Longer would Result if i stop thinking about sexual things

This is the technique of distraction or diversion of attention. It works for some but does not work for everyone. In reality this is not really a solution because it decreases the sensation of sexual pleasure. It is usually better to learn to master how to control your body by concentrating to master the urge of PE. The complete detail solution to master and control the body urge to prevent PE is presented here; If you practice the methods you will not only master controlling your urge but you will enjoy maximum physical satisfaction

Myth 3 # Some People are Born with It

PE is completely not hereditary neither is there anything like being born with the quality. Everyone that has been able to fully control ejaculation master the act by continuous practice. I will like you to understand that Ejaculation is similar to urinating. If you remember growing up children struggle to control their act of urinating but at the beginning it is difficult for them. Overtime they get use to it with practice and their parent guidance. We all practice and with time master the act of controlling urinating; so also you can master controlling ejaculation. Ejaculating only require you knowing the kind of physical exercise to engage in and within few days of practice you would have completely master it.  Click Here to Learn some physical technique to control PE

Myth 4 # A Premature Ejaculator lasts Few Minutes

This statement is not completely true. Many definition for Premature Ejaculator does not include time limit as there are other symptoms that needs to be put into consideration.
In  medical definitions however there is a specific time limit and if you ejaculate within that you will be termed a premature ejaculator but to diagnose this problem, there are many other symptoms to be taken into account. The act of satisfying your partner is not all about time spent but a mutual understanding on the human body physiology. We have presented a free book called “Bedroom satisfaction free for you to download. In the book you will master the act of satisfying your partner with skills that will not only make you last long but make your partner excited about you. Download here

Myth 5 # PE Has No Solution

This is completely false as there are lot of people that have used our recommended practice methods and overcame PE completely. With just a little practice many men learn to control their ejaculation without any medical drugs. You can read more on these techniques here. With you realizing that PE is something you can control through some physical exercise you do not need to spend money buying expensive drugs just practice the exercise and you will be good.

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