Generally, parents always want their children to believe they were the best in their class when they were growing up. Tell me, have you ever seen parents that tell their children they always come last in class as a child?

Even though we all know this might not always be true, but it serve as a motivation for children to perform well and aim for the best in what ever they do.

If you are reading this, be careful what you say before a smart kid of yours will ask for a proof of your results when you were growing up.


I hope the results will be the same as what you have been telling the kid.

Parents always beat their chest when their kids perform exceptionally well and does things that appear to be above the average kid’s ability and performances. It gives them a sense of fulfillment and makes them boast over the achievements with words like…

Oh…. Yes… That’s my kid…It Runs in the Family…

Undoubtedly the genetic makeup  of a child is a product of the parents genes, thus the likelihood of smart parents giving birth to smart children. But you will bear witness with me that there are some really smart parents with children not really as smart as them. This underscores the reality of things not going the exact natural way we suppose.

Researches have shown that not only the genetic composition of a child affects his intelligence, as his Intelligence Quotient (IQ) is affected by other factors ranging from the environmental exposure, the way the child was raised, the nutritional diet the child received growing up, the exposure of the child to toxic and the sufficiency of playtime the child got growing up. All this affects the child intelligence and general performance in live.

Do you know you can boost your child’s Intelligence Quotient?


Yes, you can bring out the Einstein in you Child. Some mind tasking activities comes natural to some children while others struggle, but the truth is everything can be learned. The attitude of continuous learning and resiliently making progressive effort in life, is a quality parents can build into their children. With this attitude, a child can become anything he chooses to be in live.

Growing up as a child my Dad will always tell me and my siblings; “If Mr A. can do it then Mr. B can also do it too. Encouraging us we can top our class as long as someone else can top the class. I heard this statement all true my time with my parents and it triggered my performance to coming first in class most times (although not always) but always remaining at the top five in my class from primary school all true my education. I performed exceptionally in my undergraduate studies ranking among the top three in my department and made a distinction in my Masters programme from the university of Lagos.

I am not saying this to pride myself but to stress the role of parents stimulating and actively engaging the child’s mind from childhood as my Dad did, to trigger the brain cells and boost the intelligent quotient of the child. Believe me you can boost your child’s intelligence. Little wonder why Ben Carson MD – the well renowned American Neurosurgeon went from the bottom of his class to the top of his class after the mother stimulated his mind and boosted his IQ as contained in his Autobiography “Gifted Hands”. The formative years of a child has a long way in stimulating his intelligence. This is not about enrolling him in school at age two or even less but taking the right actions to boost his intelligence.

Did you know your child’s brain has attained 90% of its actual adult size before the age of five?

This underscores the necessity of developing the right disposition towards your children to bring out not just the best in them but the genius in them. There are so many ways to boost a child intelligence. I have researched this subject matter and have written several articles on ways to boost your kids intelligence in our weekly newsletters.


The IQ of your child can be boosted. Ben Carson went from being the last in his class to the top. Even if you think your child is not performing well as expected, you can boost his IQ.

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