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You may have gone to your gynecologist with “woman problems” and learned that you have uterine fibroids.  Fibroids are muscular tumors that grow in the wall of the uterus and can cause some significant discomfort and other medical issues.  These fibroids are almost always benign, meaning that they are not cancerous.  They can grow as a single tumor or they can be many of them in the uterus.  Some women have them small as an apple seed while others suffer with tumors that grown as large as a grapefruit and even larger.

Fibriod Risk Factors

By the time a woman reaches age 50 between 20 and 80% of them will have developed fibroids.  The variation in statistics are a result of reporting practices and estimations of the number of women who may have fibroids but which go unreported because they have minimal to no symptoms.

Certain factors will increase a woman’s risk of developing fibroids, such as her age, family history, ethnic origin, obesity and eating habits.  As a woman ages, her risks increase, having a family member with fibroids increases the risk, African-American women are more likely to develop them than white women, women who are over weight are at higher risk and women who eat a lot of red meat and pork are at higher risk….. Read the rest of this entry

10 Tips For Building a Happy Home

In the building of a happy and healthy home, you would agree with me that there are no particular ways to build a happy home as various families employ different strategies. I would therefore say the ways of building a happy and healthy home is not definite, neither “Cast in Stone”.

What I have presented in this article are ways i believe most people can relate with, especially married couples with years of experience and would serve as a guild for young families and even families struggling to keep their homes happy and healthy.

These Ten tips are proven and reliable; if your family can together work with these tips I am certain you would have a happy and healthy home avoiding family crisis and breakup.

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What Really is Fibroid?

It has been discovered that between 20% and 75% of women  will encounter the symptom of fibroid during their life.  Some women however, understand the fibroid symptom but they do not know how it come about…. Read the rest of this entry



There are lots of myths  revolving around sexual behavioral pattern and PE is clearly no exception . In this article i shall be debunking some of those myths with an interest in providing some real facts about PE. Read the rest of this entry