What Really is Fibroid?

It has been discovered that between 20% and 75% of women  will encounter the symptom of fibroid during their life.  Some women however, understand the fibroid symptom but they do not know how it come about….

  Fibroids in summary are benign smooth muscle tumors that have fiberous connections and grow in the walls of the uterus.  Fibroid can range in size from as small as a microscopic seed to as large as the size of a basketball.  The larger the fibroid growth the more adverse effect it has on the woman.

Fibroid Growth and their Symptom

leiomyomata (lie-oh-my-oh-mah-tah) is the medical terminology for uterine fibroid.  Fibroid growth in the uterus can either be in singular form tumor or as a grouped tumor growth. Some typical symtom of fibroid include heaviness in the pubic region, constipation, pelvic pain, increased menstrual bleeding, anemia, fatigue, long term cardiac side effect etc. The image below simplifies the symptoms

Fibroid Risk Factors

Although researchers have not been able to exactly determine the reason why fibroid growth occurs there are however some factors that possesses risk to some women developing the fibroid tumor. Some of these risk factors include women between the age of 30s and 40s, who are African-American or African Canadian and have women in their families that have suffered from fibroid, women who are obsessed have a higher risk, women that has never given birth has higher risk than women that have given birth and finally the growth of  fibroid is affected by the presence of female hormone called estrogen. The higher this hormone the higher the risk factor.

How are Fibroid Classified

Fibroid are usually classified based on the location of the tumor within the uterus. It could be underneath the uterus lining (intramural Fibroid), inside the uterus cavity(submucosal fibroid), or on the outside of the uterus (subserosal fibroid). However the most common are within the uterus wall.

Are Fibroid Cancer?

The goodnews is that fibroid tumors are not cancerous and they are not pre-cancerous, i.e. would not tend to cancer  They are completely benign tumor outgrowth occurring in the uterine wall.  The however can be very frustrating as they affect the lives and well being of woman. It is interesting to note that some women do not even know they have the fibroid tumor; they only realize it during their regular pelvic examination as it could exist in some cases within disturbing the woman. Most times it is only when people begin to experience the symptom that they go for treatment but you would agree with me it is better to prevent it with a natural solution with no side effect before you even begin to experience and suffer the side effects like the women in this link.

Remedy to Fibroid

The mostly treatment of fibroid growth medically when women begin to experience the side effect is  hysterectomy which is the surgical removal of the fibroid tumour. This surgery operations is usually an expensive process and sometimes the fibroid growth reoccur again and in extreme cases can affect the woman’s uterus.. The better way would be to address the root cause of the fibroid growth using natural food products rich in iron supplementation and vitamin C. Examples of such food are shown in the image below. Click the image to read more on the natural product rich in iron which many women have used to permanently treat fibroid without expensive surgery.

There is currently an increase in the rate of women having fibroid and research has shown that women who have fibroid even after surgery might have another hence the need to use this natural solution that attack the root cause of the fibroid and prevent further growth of the tumor

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