In the building of a happy and healthy home, you would agree with me that there are no particular ways to build a happy home as various families employ different strategies. I would therefore say the ways of building a happy and healthy home is not definite, neither “Cast in Stone”.

What I have presented in this article are ways i believe most people can relate with, especially married couples with years of experience and would serve as a guild for young families and even families struggling to keep their homes happy and healthy.

These Ten tips are proven and reliable; if your family can together work with these tips I am certain you would have a happy and healthy home avoiding family crisis and breakup.

Tip No 1: Your kids Value Your Presence

This for me is one of the very reason why most homes struggle to be happy. Every home should have both parents available as the role of the Dad is quite different from the Mum. Often times we find homes where the dad is never at home and the kids are left to depend on their mum for every thing.

Where is Daddy?

Daddy is everywhere searching for money to keep the home financially healthy but little did he know that the kids are longing to be         in his arms. Every father should know that the kids value their presence and want to have a father they can always lean on, who has a unique role in building and imbibing the right morals together with the mum in their children. Remember, the security you give your family by   your presence goes a long way in them looking at you as dependable at all times. 


Tip No 2: Have Fun Interacting Together

This is very important in bonding the parents with the children. Parents should make the children feel free to talk to them. Your level of interaction would determine the rate of your children telling you their inner struggles and personal challenges. Parents with high level of interaction with their children easily discover when the child is been abused outside the home especially the girl child. A unique way of family interaction that facilitates bonding is for the family to hang out together for recreation. This builds long lasting love and unity in the family.


Tip No 3: Put Your Spouse First Before Your Kids

This point goes especially to the women. Most often women become so attached to their children and neglect the needs of the man in terms of attention. Remember the kids would grow up and leave the two of you alone. I believe a man should place his wife above the children and the wife place her husband above the children.

This doesn’t mean you do not love the children.

Bitterness and jealousy sometimes rise in homes when the man or woman becomes so attached to the children above the spouse.

Your spouse is your first love in the home and to keep a healthy home the love for your children should not grow above your spouse. This way the children would learn what it means to be a wife or husband and would imbibe the same in their future homes.


Tip No 4: Have Dinner Together

The dinner time is a time of sharing the experience of the day in a gentle and relax atmosphere (the family). This increases unity and love in the home. When a family eat together, they develop a deep love that keeps them happy together. Kids who eat with parents often develop a healthy eating habits and are not prone to depression. I know at mornings everyone is always in a rush. Kids rushing to school and parents rushing to work. This underscores the need for the family to come together at dinner. It truly helps.


Tip No. 5: Be Encouraging in Your Words

Encourging words are powerful. They give motivation and stir up confidence in children. The difference between praise and encouragement is that, praise focuses on the parents opinion while encouragement focuses on the child’s opinion.

How do I mean?

You only praise a child that has performed well based on your standard and opinion. Encouragement goes into the inner thought of a child and make them believe they can do better even when they have performed poorly. The mind of a child can be developed into genius and parents have the responsibility to continuously encourage their children and never make them feel depressed. I would suggest you subscribe for my newsletter on how to encourage and boost your child’s intelligence through the link below:


Tip No 6: Take Very Good Care of Yourself and Eat Healthy

The popular saying “you are what you eat” comes to play here. How do you take care of yourself ?

Have you given up the beautiful well shaped you because you are married ?

Your husband was attracted to you not because of a shabby you, but because you were hot, beautiful and always on point. You must not lose that beauty. Take good care of your self, eat healthy and look sweet and hot for your spouse. The uneasy feeling to impress your spouse should not suddenly disappear. Every couple must develop a healthy living life style and keep the attraction strong.

I would say marriage should not take away the chase between a man and a woman, rather, you should keeping running home to meet your spouse. This is possible if you take care of yourself and never stop looking good and healthy.


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